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Chief Executive Blog – April 2019

Posted 08th April 2019

Welcome to the April blog. We have had a glimmer of sunshine and with the…

Chief Executive Blog : March 2019

Posted 08th March 2019

Welcome to another Fair Deal blog. In this blog you will hear about: NEST work…

Chief Executive Blog – February 2019

Posted 20th February 2019

Welcome to the third blog of 2019. In this edition I’m going to give you…

Chief Executive Blog – January 2019

Posted 29th January 2019

Welcome to the second January blog. The nights are getting lighter which makes us feel…

Chief Executive Blog – Welcome to 2019

Posted 03rd January 2019

Welcome to 2019 Dear colleagues, welcome to 2019. I hope that you had a peaceful…

Chief Executive Blog – November 2018

Posted 30th November 2018

Welcome to the November blog. In this edition you will hear about: December Salary Payroll…

Chief Executive Blog – October 2018

Posted 25th October 2018

Welcome to the October blog. There are a few things that I would like to…

Chief Executive’s Blog – Sept 2018

Posted 25th September 2018

Welcome to the September blog. Looks like Autumn has come straight at us after such…

Late August blog from our Chief Executive

Posted 28th August 2018

August blog: Welcome to another blog. I want to cover the following four areas: Scottish…

Late July, Early August 2018 Blog from our Chief Executive

Posted 03rd August 2018

Fair Deal August 2018 Blog