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Staff Health and Safety Briefing – September 2020

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Staff Health and Safety Briefing – September 2020

Posted 01st October 2020


This week the Scottish Government have advised that there are some changes to use of PPE within care settings.

The main change to PPE usage are implementing in line with the guidance is that from today we are asking staff to wear the provided fluid repellent surgical face masks in all indoor care settings including people’s own homes, where care is provided. In addition we are asking staff who provide support outdoors to also wear the fluid repellent surgical mask if 2 meter distancing cannot be adhered to.

Below are the links to PPE information. Please watch the video on donning and doffing PPE as this will be discussed at supervision with your line manager and we will be issuing a short questionnaire/evaluation.

Table of guidance for use of PPE in Social Care settings:


PHE video on donning and doffing PPE:



Protect Scotland App:

There is now a free downloadable app from NHS Scotland which will alert you if you have been in close contact with another app user who tests positive for coronavirus. Downloading the app is something you may wish to consider. Details can be found at the link below:



Safe Support Delivery:

The latest restrictions imposed by the Scottish Government do not prevent us from continuing to deliver support however we have made some amendments to our community support  risk assessment so please read this over – the document is attached with this briefing.

The operational team leaders are also continually reviewing individual risk assessments for each service/person we support to ensure that any activities we ask staff to undertake are risk assessed and in line with most up to date government guidance. The safety of our staff and the people we support, and their families is paramount and we are working to ensure we are able to continue vital supports safely.

In addition to this you will have received a letter this week asking you to get in touch with your line manager to discuss any health implications that may impact on your work if you have not already done so.

I would also like to ask that everyone ensure they are up to date with and adhere to all the latest guidelines and restrictions relating to COVID-19 from the Scottish Government which can be found below.




Recently we issued travel guidelines for anyone travelling abroad in relation to quarantine and self-isolation on return. In addition to our own organisational guidance you can fine the latest travel guidance below and I would urge that you familiarise yourself with this and discuss any travel plans with your line manager at your earliest opportunity:



Hand Hygiene:

Please see tables 1 and 2 in the link below giving guidance on hand washing/hand rub. Hand and respiratory hygiene are as important now as ever and must be strictly adhered to prevent the spread of infection.



IMPORTANT: When using alcohol-based sanitiser/gel you MUST ensure your hands are dry before touching any items. There have been incidents of severe hand burns occurring in some settings across the UK due to static electricity and alcohol-based substance coming in contact. Ensure hands and items with alcohol gel/sanitiser are dry before touching anything.


NHS Test and Trace/Self isolation:

Please see below updated guidance on NHS test and trace scheme. It is imperative that if you are contact traced or you receive information from the Protect Scotland app and informed you have been in contact with a COVID19 case that you immediately inform your line manager or duty manager. You should not attend work until you have discussed this with your manager and you must follow the current guidance which may require you to self-isolate and advise that you take a test.

Below you will also find guidance on what to do if you or someone you live with experience symptoms.



Mental Health and Wellbeing:

The link below also provides lots of useful resources relating to stress and wellbeing which you may find useful during this time.


In addition, the Scottish Government have set up a wellbeing hub for social care staff which also provides a lot of useful resources, link below:


We also have a free and confidential employee counselling service available to all staff, for any reason work related or otherwise. if you wish to be referred please discuss with your line manager.

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25 for 25 Fundraising campaign is still underway, and we need your support