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Information Bulletin 29th April 2020

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25 for 25 Fundraising campaign is still underway, and we need your support


Information Bulletin 29th April 2020

Posted 01st May 2020

We are now several weeks into a new way of working and I wanted to touch base with everyone and provide an update to you all.

As outlined in the previous bulletin and in line with official guidance we are operating reduced service provision and have had to focus our resources on the delivery of essential services. This has meant our non-essential services such as social and leisure have had to stop temporarily to keep everyone safe.

Our staff, the people we support and their families and carers have all shown such amazing resilience and support to each other and this has been very humbling to witness. I know this is a challenging and difficult time for everyone but the way the Fair Deal ‘community’ have pulled together has been genuinely inspiring.

I would like to thank the people we support for their patience and understanding during this time. Everyone has adapted to this new world without complaint and with acceptance and we will continue to work hard to try and minimise disruption and provide as much support as we can safely and within guidelines.

Thank you also to all family members and carers who have adhered to social distancing rules with regards to visiting and for your patience and understanding while we have had to reduce some service provision. I know not being able to see your loved ones is especially hard, but I appreciate your support in helping us to deliver services safely. Our staff are doing their utmost to try and keep people connected in other ways and maintain contact with loved ones.

Which brings me onto our dedicated staff team who I am proud to call my colleagues. Our frontline staff are doing an amazing job in very difficult circumstances and they have continued to display outstanding selfless commitment. Our Leadership Team and Business Support colleagues and the wider team are all working hard to ensure things continue to run, PPE is delivered, and frontline staff are supported. I thank you all for your continued commitment and amazing teamwork.

Here are the latest organisational updates:

Personal Protective Equipment

Our staff are provided with all necessary PPE to ensure the safety of both them and the people they are supporting. We have ordered and continue to access PPE to ensure that our stocks do not run low and we are able to ensure this is available to staff on an ongoing basis.

Service Provision

We continue to deliver our essential one to one supports, and have robust contingency plans in place to ensure the people we support receive continued support without interruption. For many of those who are not receiving direct support we continue to provide other types of support such as telephone support, shopping deliveries, prescription collections etc.

I know that many people will be feeling the impact of not seeing their staff members and friends and family in the same way as before or as regularly and we are monitoring this and we will continue to work with people to try to alleviate some of the feelings of isolation and do what we can to minimise this.


Social Distancing

Our staff continue to adhere strictly to the social distancing guidelines and are taking all necessary precautions including use of PPE where required, to protect the people they support.

Fair Deal Office

In line with government advice our office remains closed to staff, visitors and members of the public.

All non-essential training and meetings remain cancelled until further notice.

Our phone lines remain open and the leadership team are accessible by telephone.


If there is anything you would like to discuss or have any questions please do get in touch.

Stay safe and take care

Fiona Dunwoodie

Chief Executive

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25 for 25 Fundraising campaign is still underway, and we need your support