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Staff Update 05/01/2021

Staff Update 05/01/2021

Posted 05th January 2021

Staff Update 05/01/2020

I hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year.

As you will be aware the Scottish Government announced a move to lockdown from today 5th January 2021.

This is for the month of January and as such we are reviewing our service delivery as we always do when restrictions change. We are expected to continue to support people and deliver essential services however given the new restrictions we will have to make some amendments to what we deliver for January. This will mean some reduction or temporary suspension of certain services which we will discuss with staff affected, the people we support and families.

The guidance from Scottish Government states that care, support and respite can and should be delivered therefore we will continue to deliver services which are required of us and fall into these categories. There may be some elements of support however that are not deemed necessary and these will be stopped temporarily until the lockdown measures are reviewed again.

You will receive an updated risk assessment along with this memo which outlines what we will change.

In addition to the above team leaders will be in touch with anyone who was previously shielding or deemed to be clinically very vulnerable as a matter of urgency today. Please discuss with your line manager straight away if you receive updated health guidance from the NHS or your GP/Consultant etc.

I hope to be able to provide some more information about the vaccination programme for social care staff in the coming week. Please be assured that as soon as I have this information and we are able to support the provision of vaccines I will be in touch straight away.

I know this is a stressful and difficult time for everyone working in services. Please know however that we are working hard to ensure we are able to keep both the people we support and our staff safe and will continue to risk assess and monitor all services we are providing.

Thank you all once again for you continued commitment. Let’s hope that this is a short term sacrifice whilst the vaccination programme can be rolled out and we can return to some normality soon.


Kind Regards

Fiona Dunwoodie

Chief Executive