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Fair Deal is passionate about making sure the people we support get value for the money they spend with us and for this reason we work really hard to keep our prices low. Whether it is someone using their Independent Living Fund monies, their Individual Budget allocated from the Local Authority or if it the person‘s own money, we aim to provide what they need at a cost that is affordable with a range of added extras.

We can support people who choose to pool their funds with someone else which means they can share the costs of support. This is really useful where people don‘t need one to one support but where they want to do a range of activities with other people but need some staff support. People can then do things with their friends and have for example one member of staff who can support them all in their activity but the support cost is split between them.

Our approach is one of flexibility so if you have something you want to do as an individual or with a group of friends why not get in touch. We can quote you a price that is very competitive and guarantee you quality.

We also offer a range of social and leisure opportunities which are great value and make use of a range of community resources. Using them you can meet other people with common interests or try out new activities for the first time.

Whatever it is you are after just contact us and we will be happy to help.


Hourly rate for all support: £16.82 per hour.

Hourly Rate for “Sleepovers”:  – £13.69 per hour.

Social and Leisure & Day Opportunities are priced at £43.08 per day :- this cost is based on a 1:4 ratio and includes the following:

  • Costs for activity (e.g. payment of tutor/instructor/staff, equipment, materials or course fees)
  • Fair Deal management fee

The cost of transport or meals is not included in our daily rate.  We would be pleased to talk to you about the range of support we can offer to you and talk about what else you think we can do for you. You can reduce costs by sharing in group activities for example costs of the building, activity, instructor or staff which is split among the participants.