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The Big Meeting

The Big Meeting

Posted 20th November 2016

The Fair Deal ‘Dream Team’ held a consultation event on Thursday 17th November 2016 at the Birgidale Complex supported by workers from The Advocacy Project. The purpose of this event was to give people who use our services a chance to discuss upcoming changes to overnight support packages and discuss concerns and think about possible solutions. In the morning session, David Williams Chief Officer, GHSCP gave a presentation, followed by an open question and answer session. Many people who use our services and staff who were present posed questions to David Williams.

There were stalls around the room from Sol Connection (demonstrating and answering questions about Assistive Technology), our community project ‘Help Yourself Grow’ and Ardenglen Housing Community Team talking about their various initiatives.

The afternoon session began with a short presentation from Sol Connect including answering questions from people about how technology can be used to support people to live safely and independently. The rest of the afternoon was spent collecting people views, opinions and suggestions.