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Five Day Sprint!

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Five Day Sprint!

Posted 15th April 2017

Five-Day Sprint!

Back in June, I participated in a five-day challenge organised by the GC Health and Social Care Partnership at the Centre for Civic Innovation, which aimed to come up with some creative responses to the issues of night time support. Over the five days, the group developed new ideas for how technology and innovative thinking may enable us to redesign services; within this small group, I was invited to provide a social care perspective on these issues and suggested solutions. The aim of the workshop was to encourage new and innovative ways of thinking about service provision and to identify long-term targets for the Social Care Sector. Overall, it was a very productive five days: at the end of the week, we invited four ‘customers’ from various sectors and organisations and presented some of the ideas and solutions we had developed to them. There is still a lot of work to be done and the GCCHSCP will take the conclusions of the group forward, looking at how they may be put into practice. For me, it was great for Fair Deal to be involved in this process and I look forward to us continuing to contribute to innovative practice in the future. 

Ann Marie Docherty

Chief Executive