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John Cuthbertson Goes High Tech!

John Cuthbertson Goes High Tech!

Posted 04th September 2017

John started getting support in 1992 and was one of Fair Deal’s earliest tenants at Castlehall Housing Project. John shared flats with a couple of friends prior to moving to his own flat in Stravanan Gardens, then to Tormusk Place. During this time John made many friends with people who also receive support and with Fair Deal staff.

John recently decided to move on from his flat in Tormusk to a development in Machrie Road where he has other close friends. He is now spending time with these friends with whom he shares a communal garden which they can all access through patio doors from each house. It is essential to John that he is in full control of his life and that he maintains his independence.

Over the past 6 months John’s team have been discussing with him the idea of using his budget differently in order to maximise support time for himself.

A significant part of this discussion has been around the possibility of John having more control of his medication routine. John was invited to a meeting with SOL Connect, a support organisation which specialises in using the most up to date technology to enable people to use their budgets in a creative way offering them a greater degree of independence and increasing their confidence. John was shown how to interact with the SOL Connect Hub. This is an interactive screen which, as well as allowing people to listen to music, play games, and watch films, can also clock staff in and out, and connect to 24 hour remote support through an interactive monitor. John thought that at present this was more than he needed but has opted for purchasing another piece of equipment he was shown which is the pivotel pill dispenser. This is a timed piece of equipment which is filled weekly by the pharmacist and will alert John as to when his medication is due. John will then tip this device into a receptacle below and take his own correct dose of medication at the correct times.

This will save John the equivalent of 3.5hrs support per week which he can then redeploy where he feels it could be used best. Through further discussion with John he has decided to use some of this time to attend his church on a weekly basis instead of every 5 weeks which he is doing now.