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Lesley Anne Paterson

Posted 26th July 2022

Lesley Anne is responsible for leading and motivating teams to enable people with learning disabilities…

Ryan Bremner

Posted 21st September 2021

Ryan joined Fair Deal in 2021 as a Team Leader within the Operations Department, Ryan…

Jessica Barnes

Posted 11th September 2021

Jessica is a Team Leader responsible for leading and motivating teams to enable the people…

Suzanne Mulheron

Posted 11th October 2018

Suzanne joined Fair Deal in 1998 and has worked in various roles throughout her time…

Margaret Fenton

Posted 20th June 2017

Margaret joined Fair Deal in 1993 and has worked in a variety of roles. Since…

Anne Marie Borthwick

Posted 20th June 2017

Anne Marie joined Fair Deal in 2000 and has been Quality and Development Manager since…

Gail Cochrane

Posted 20th June 2017

Gail joined Fair Deal in January 2016 as the Team Leader for the Help Yourself…

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