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Chief Executive Blog – October 2018

Chief Executive Blog – October 2018

Posted 25th October 2018

Welcome to the October blog. There are a few things that I would like to tell you about in this edition.
• Independent Travel Training
• Connecting Neighbourhoods
• Digital Technology and the Social Care Workforce
• Connecting on Board
• Fair Deal Quality Forum

Independent travel training: We are moving closer to arranging the systematic instruction travel training. We have had interest from 9 staff members which is fantastic. I am meeting with VIAS to discuss the next step and to set up the training dates. If you are working with someone who you think would benefit from the travel training to enhance their quality of life and become more independent, please let me know. We are hoping to identify 10 people to take part in the travel training programme.
Connecting Neighbourhoods: For a number of years you have heard from me and members of our leadership team about the future of night time support arrangements in Glasgow. Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership are developing a policy for transition from overnight “sleepover” support to alternative support arrangements. The current situation with regards to the SLW has seen the rate for a 9-hour sleepover increase from £15k to £35k per year. At Fair Deal we have been working with individuals, families and of course you our staff to identify options. We have renamed our approach to night-time support “Connecting Neighbourhoods” and we are looking to have a more collaborative approach. We have also been invited to take part in an overnight support transitional change programme, which is an opportunity for us to work with others. I will keep you updated on progress.
Digital Technology and the Social Care Workforce: Pauline Martin will attend an event hosted by CCPS in Edinburgh on the 30th of October This event, “Digital Technology and the Social Care Workforce”; will examine the workforce scheme of the Scottish Government Digital Health and Social Care Strategy and how it can support and accelerate transformation within organisations in relation to workforce skills and culture change. You will hear more about what is happening across Scotland and where we fit in in the coming months.
Connecting on Board: Our revolutionary Connecting on Board initiative is making great progress. We are 50% through our 3-month pilot programme and feedback so far has been very positive. We continue to meet with individuals who use the transport, families and Fair Deal staff to monitor how the pilot is going. We will evaluate the impact of this change and will link with the Advocacy Project Engagement and Involvement team to collect feedback. We are currently looking at extending the pilot to other areas that Fair Deal works in. If you would like to find out more please contact James Thomson – jamesthomson@fair-deal.org or Angie McGuire – angiemcguire@fair-deal.org
Fair Deal Quality Forum: Our quality assurance group has been re-named as the Fair Deal Quality Forum. The next meeting of the forum will be held on Thursday the 25th of October. At this meeting Ryan McCrory and Suzanne Mulheron will be presenting their report on the review of our current community connecting / social and leisure programme and the group will also hear from the Dream Team about the evaluation that they have been involved in. The Dream Team met with 46 people who take part in a range of Fair Deal’s activities.
We are also looking for people we are working with and staff to take part in the forum. We will be in touch following the meeting to give you more information about the forum and what your role would be.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me – annmariedocherty@fair-deal.org
Ann Marie Docherty – CEO