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Chief Executive Blog – August 2019

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Chief Executive Blog – August 2019

Posted 30th August 2019

Welcome to the August blog. It feels like summer is over and Autumn is upon us and very soon we will see the leaves change and the air a bit cooler. Hopefully we will have less rain…..

In this edition of the organisation’s blog you will hear more about:

  • Connecting You @
  • The Annual General Meeting [AGM] and Celebration Day
  • Changes within the leadership and management team
  • Anti- bribery and corruption policy &
  • Connecting Neighbourhoods

Connecting You@

For years Fair Deal has been providing a programme of social and leisure opportunities as a means of supporting people. The list of activities encompasses sports, arts and crafts, music and drama and much more. For years we have also known that these opportunities are about so much more than just doing a named activity. That’s why this important programme is about to get a new name: ‘Connecting You’.

The word ‘connecting’ is all about bringing together, linking up or making contacts, and experience has shown that Fair Deal’s social and leisure activities do that in lots of different ways. We know from consulting with people we work with and families that these activities enable people to meet peers, build friendships and get better connected with their local communities. ‘Connecting You @’ is therefore the perfect name to describe the social and leisure activities on offer in the coming months. Watch out for the launch!

Fair Deal’s Annual General Meeting: The AGM is taking place on the 24th of September, starting at 10:30am and finishing by 12noon. There will be a lot going on at the AGM; we will be hearing from Peter Duff, the first man to be supported by Fair Deal way back in 1991. Peter and his team are working on his presentation, our new Chief Executive, Fiona Dunwoodie, will say a few words by way of introducing herself, and there will be the long awaited announcement on the three recipients of the Kenny Macliver awards. We will also be celebrating long service with staff being recognised for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years service. At the AGM and throughout the day we will be celebrating 30 years of our organisation. Although the AGM finishes at 12noon we will continue with the celebrations till 3pm. We will be entertained throughout the day by people we are working with who are part of the Connecting You activities. If you are working with someone who would be interested in joining us for the celebration on the 24th of September please contact Elaine Davidson for a ticket on elainedavidson@fair-deal.org

Changes within the leadership and management team:

As you are aware Lizzie Currie one of our valued team leaders has returned to work and recently she was appointed on a part-time basis. Lizzie is working alongside Suzanne Mulheron, who is combining a part-time team leader role with her senior support worker role within Cairngorm. Lizzie and Suzanne are managing CC2 and taking forward new initiatives. Ryan McCrory remains as the team leader for GS1. We wish everyone well and every success in their new ventures.

Anti- bribery and corruption policy statement:

The Board approved an anti bribery and corruption policy on Tuesday.

Fair Deal is committed to applying the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in its activities. Every employee and individual acting on Fair Deal’s behalf is responsible for maintaining our reputation and for conducting company activities honestly, acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in everything we do and in our relationships wherever we operate.

The purpose of this policy statement is to:

  • set out our responsibilities, and of those working or providing services for us (which for the purpose of the Bribery Act includes service providers of Fair Deal) in observing and upholding our position on bribery and corruption;
  • provide information and guidance as to how we expect those working for us to conduct themselves and how to recognise and deal with bribery and corruption issues; and
  • how to raise concerns with us including any breaches of the policy statement

Fair Deal’s Board are committed to implementing and enforcing effective systems throughout the organisation.

The policy will be distributed in September and will be discussed at team meetings. This policy will also form part of the induction for new staff. If you have any questions please contact me on annmariedocherty@fair-deal.org

Connecting Neighbourhoods: The Connecting Neighbourhoods initiative is progressing with 6 SOL Connect risk assessment sessions taking place with people supported by local providers such as Enable Scotland and C-I-C. The collaboration between the providers is developing well and we are currently exploring how we can work together to deliver a safe responder plan for the Castlemilk area. The initiative is now becoming a model that will be replicated across the city and we are currently involved in the Shettleston area, working with 11 social care providers. If you would like to hear more about Connecting Neighbourhoods please contact Margaret Fenton or Pauline Martin by e-mail: margaretfenton@fair-deal.org and paulinemartin@fair-deal.org


If you have any question please contact me.


Ann Marie Docherty

Chief Executive




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25 for 25 Fundraising campaign is still underway, and we need your support