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Our Board

Roles and Responsibilities: The Board of Directors for Fair Deal is made up of ordinary people interested in our work. They are voted on to the Board by the members at the Annual General Meeting normally held in September each year.

The Board are responsible for:

  • The direction and control of the organisation
  • Ensuring it receives appropriate information and advice to carry out its duties
  • The risk and legal responsibilities arising from its control
  • Ensuring that the objectives are in line with the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Regularly reviewing Fair Deal‘s objectives
  • Ensuring there is a mechanism for regular performance reviews
  • Ensuring there is a balance of skills and experience on the Board and make use of co-options
  • Ensuring people using Fair Deal‘s services are supported to contribute to policy and practice

The Board operates within a governance framework to ensure the highest standards are adhered to at all times.

Our Board Members

Ross Blyth

Ross is the Secretary for Fair Deal and has a range of responsibilities. He convenes all the Board Meetings and records them as well as circulating the papers needed. He deals with the membership applications and the aspects of the charitable status of Fair Deal. Ross was the Transport Manager for Glasgow City Council following disaggregation some years ago. After retiring he took over the chair of the Parallel Transport Working Group from Joanne Lamont MSP and has continued to be involved in the work of Fair Deal.His organisational skills, resource management experience and use of management tools makes his contribution to Fair Deal invaluable. Ross recognises the professional conduct of Fair Deal as being a real asset to the business world and sets an excellent example of third sector positive contribution, learning which informs his other involvement on the Board of John Wheatley College and as Business Manager with Network Taxis.

Kenny Stocks

Kenny is a retired Housing Association Director and the Treasurer of Fair Deal. He is responsible for overseeing the financial affairs of the organisation and ensuring that they fulfil their aims and objectives. It is his job to ensure they operate effectively within their financial limits and within the law. Kenny was the Chief Executive of Ardenglen Housing Association between 1990 & 2017 and has seen fantastic changes in Castlemilk. He has been a Board Member and Treasurer of Fair Deal since 2005.  Kenny has seen Fair Deal grow massively in size and complexity but believes the organisation has never lost sight of its founding principles of not only providing the highest standards of support but actively campaigning to expand the opportunities for people with learning difficulties. It is an organisation he is proud to be associated with.

Maureen Dolan

Maureen is a retired university tutor.  She has been a Board Member at Fair Deal for a number of years, having initially become involved through her sister, who was supported by the organisation.  Despite being retired, she is busier than ever volunteering in church projects, such as teaching ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) and Church Administration.   She brings the perspective of family members to the Board and is particularly interested in encouraging the involvement of parents and carers.

Moira Nicholson

Moira is a member of Fair Deal‘s Board and has been involved with Fair Deal since 2000. Initially, she supported people who lived in Castlehall as an advocate but has been a Board Member for a number of years.
Moira is also the Chief Executive of the Advocacy Project, which, while based in Glasgow, provides advocacy support for people from across Glasgow, East Renfrewshire, and North and South Lanarkshire. She is fully committed to ensuring that the people supported by Fair Deal remain at the centre of all that Fair Deal does and that they continue to be the driving force behind the organisation.

Jan Beattie

Jan is the Chairperson of the Board and has held this position since 2012. The organisation has changed a lot since then and Jan continues to be inspired by the work that it does and the innovative directions it takes.   Jan’s role is to ensure that, through any change, Fair Deal is governed effectively and that the Chief Executive has a well-informed and organised board to help overcome challenges, to steer improvements, and to plan new developments.

Elspeth Mann

Elspeth is a member of Fair Deal‘s Board and a retired housing manager. Having previously worked for Key Housing Association, where she was employed for 24 years, she has seen the transformation in people’s lives that occurs when they move into their own homes and are supported by dedicated support staff. Elspeth recognises that it is not just the security of having your own ‘front door‘ that makes a difference but having the opportunity to access local facilities that allow people to be part of the community.

Eamonn Connolly

Eamonn joined the Board in 2014. Many moons ago, he was a hospital manager with the Greater Glasgow Health Board and spent a brief period working at Lennox Castle and still remembers the awful conditions and very poor level of support on offer for those who lived there. He is therefore delighted to have now come full circle and be associated with a transformational organisation such as Fair Deal. Eamonn is the Director of EVH – Supporting Social Employers, a membership organisation which supports not for profit organisations across Scotland in their role as the ’employer’.  Eamonn has particular skills in finance, governance and business development and hopes these will be useful to Fair Deal through the coming years.

Chief Executive

Ann Marie Docherty

Ann Marie Docherty is the Chief Executive of Fair Deal and has worked with us since 1991. She is well known in the area having grown up in Castlemilk and is a highly regarded professional in the field of social care. Ann Marie has been responsible, working alongside the Board, for the success of the organisation.
She continually rises to new challenges and has ensured Fair Deal remains at the forefront of innovation and best practice over the years. Ann Marie has excellent skills in networking and has created positive partnerships with a number of organisations across the City who support and recognise the work of Fair Deal.
Ann Marie has an outward focus with responsibility for managing, supporting, directing and leading the Organisation. Along with the Board she is responsible for implementing, monitoring and updating the Business and Marketing Strategy. She is responsible for new business opportunities, partnership working and collaboration opportunities.

Management Structure

Ann Marie Docherty is supported in the work of the organisation by the staff of Fair Deal. There is a very flat management structure within the organisation which makes the best use of the skills, gifts, abilities and talents of all staff. The team is cohesive and supported by the Business Support Team who provide the necessary day to day administrative functions.